Seat Comfort

The anchor of automotive comfort

Our seat comfort products are, and have always been, at the forefront of industry trends and technology, offering more opportunities and possibilities than ever before, and helping our customers outperform their rivals. We constantly strive to incorporate fresh ideas that enhance seat comfort and combine the right components that excel in quality and craftsmanship. We work with automotive companies around the world in developing integrated thermal technology for their seats, so their customers can enjoy the highest level of comfort and an incomparable travel experience.  Our proven technology and pioneering use of top grade materials meet customer needs and deliver customization and flexibility to integrate with luxury or low-cost models.  Our seat comfort products are infused with possibilities, designed with our customers in mind and deliver luxury, craftsmanship and performance that elevates the driving experience.


Climate Control Seat

At Gentherm, we realize it’s about the person, not the seat and we approach every solution and design with the foundation of personalized comfort.  With our world-class engineering solutions, we are able to realize any seating vision our customers may have leading to unparalleled results.   

Our Climate Control Seat (CCS®) shapes the occupant's climate with smart sensors that deploy our patented air moving devices, high power density heaters and convective heaters.  Our high performance active cooling system utilizes multiple thermoelectric devices and delivers optimal comfort that redefines the travel experience.  

By paying attention to the details, we set the standard for innovation, comfort, and elegance and deliver solutions that make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

It's about the person, not the seat

ComfortBalance™ Seat

Our ComfortBalance™ seat provides optimal comfort by synchronizing all components and creating a flexible environment for customers. Our deep expertise in modular structure design meets comfort expectations without compromising on packaging or cost efficiency. The result is unprecedented comfort and convenience for occupants and greater design freedom for our customers. The ComfortBalance™ seat combines active cooling and passive air moving devices to address thermal asymmetry in the human body. Thermoelectrics located in the seat back and a passive air moving device in the cushion, provide additional cooling watts to counteract heat production and maintain overall thermal balance. Intelligent sensors and smart algorithms deliver ultimate adaptability and customization for a superior seating experience.